Founded in 2003, HOMINEM SIA specializes in automation, servicing, software development and maintenance of equipment management processes.

With the rapid advancements in drive technology and industrial automation, we make sure to use the highest quality equipment and software when working with our clients.

HOMINEM SIA is a certified SIEMENS solution partner specialised in automation and drives.

Our Vision

We strive to provide swift and high-quality services to our clients which are made possible by our skilled employees. With up-to-date training and invaluable experience, they seek to provide the best solutions possible.


We provide technical support to all our clients

Send an e-mail to and You will be contacted by one our specialists.

In the service application, specify the problem and, preferably, add some photos from the damaged module, controller or other part.

Subscription-based services

Remote service and maintenance is available for clients who use remote service modules supplied by us or technological equipment supplied by our partners (equipment manufacturers).

Additional services, such as, maintenance of visualisation systems, remote system channel maintenance, software update services, etc. are also available.

For detailed information, please contact us.

  • SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture
  • Programmable logical controller (PLC) programming
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) programming
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system programming
  • Drive technology
  • Technological process management
  • Integration of accounting and management systems into the administrative system
  • Vehicle number plate recognition and access control management
  • Industries
  • All in one

The SCADA System SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture (WinCC OA) addresses applications with a high demand for customer-specific adaptations, large and/or complex applications, as well as projects that demand special system requirements and functions.




  • SIEMENS, Schneider-Electric

  • Controller programming

  • Remote system monitoring

  • Technological process adjustment to the clients needs

  • Technical support




  • Technological process visualization is one of the most visible parts of every equipment

  • Specialized display programming

  • PC based display programming

  • Phone and tablet PC programming for industrial use

  • WEB access for monitoring and management





  • SIEMENS WINCC servers

  • SIEMENS WINCC data servers

  • SIEMENS WINCC user archives

  • SIEMENS WINCC recipes

  • SIEMENS WINCC integration with other SQL type databases

  • SIEMENS WINCC other options

We work alongside a number of manufacturers to provide solutions tailored to your needs::





  • etc.

To ensure our solutions meet your requirements, we can incorporate single or multiple manufacturers products.

Every equipment has its own algorithm how it works. Our task is to create this algorithm and do everything possible to make sure it is not crossed. Every step is controlled and documented. It means that in case the machine informs the user about any deviations from the optimal state and, if necessary, stops the process and any dependent machine receives the information about the fault. As well as the responsible employees receive a notification about the fault – visual, a siren or any other kind of notification.

If there are no mistakes in manufacturing process, there are no defective production, which means – there are no losses.

Knowing accurate information regarding residues and products in stock allows you to plan the manufacturing processes better, including more accurate delivery times when you need to resupply the raw materials or consumables.

Such a system lets you know whether an order is possible to complete and if the machine is not loaded with other orders.

Also, it allows to accurately schedule and allow suppliers to track your online requests and receive delivery confirmations.

The challenge for each company is to control access and follow up on supplier and company transport along the correct route within the internal area, or deliver to a particular site.

The access system is connected to a central management system that follows the movement and presence of employees at work and at the workplace.

Road transport can be connected to logistics warehouses and both LPG and RFID systems can accurately identify not only the machine, but also the cargo in the vehicle.

  • Milk processing

  • Beer manufacturing

  • Water management

  • Wastewater treatment and pumping stations

  • Woodworking

  • Metalworking

  • Recycling

  • Oil industry

  • etc.

By choosing this model, you will receive full information of the possibilities that you can realize, are realizing or if there are any objective disruptions for the execution of plans.

  • Easily plan ahead the flow of raw materials and consumables

  • Easily plan ahead the flow of raw materials and consumables

  • Keep track of the routes vehicles and personal takes inside the work




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